Who we are

Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia (FACAA) are a fully registered charity with the ACNC who have been running since 2010 with one goal in mind. To end child abuse in Australia once and for all. We are well aware that the goal at hand is daunting to say the least, however to achieve this massive task we have a multipronged programming solution which can be found on the what we do page

Everyone at FACAA is a survivor, so we always have a survivor centric and trauma informed approach with everything we do. Currently, everyone of FACAA’s staff are entirely volunteer, and we have great people in place all across Australia willing to do whatever they can to help stop child abuse once and for all.

FACAA’s vision is to see a world where child abuse is no longer a plight that our children have to face.

FACAA’s mission, we are a charity formed to empower survivors, to raise awareness and to bring justice back to our legal system.

The core values that drive FACAA are:

Integrity above all Always show empathy and compassion
Respect the journey, every survivor’s journey is different
Never lose the passion that hardens your resolve.