FACAA Social media awareness campaign

When we started our charity, we did so through the creation of a Facebook page to bring together martial arts friends from former clubs in order to help child abuse survivors. On this page we started talking about issues facing child abuse survivors and the idea of a social media awareness campaign just grew quite organically from there, now we are on Facebook (link) and Instagram (link) reaching over 150,000 subscribers or likers.

The campaign is aimed at stopping a statement we hear all too often “But that doesn’t happen in my area” because the fact is it simply does. Child abuse occurs in every level of society, in every suburb, to every religious group and every demographic out there. We want everyone to know that child abuse affects kids everywhere.

On top of these programs FACAA has also donated 2 companion dogs to very special children who needed them as well as in the past doing removal of clients who needed to get out of their homes and even ran an online counselling group, however these programs are not regularly offered due to a need to focus on our regular programs.