Take a stance anti bullying program

FACAA’s take a stance anti bullying program is a unique approach to ending bullying in schools. Bullying is a HUGE problem in our society and stops children reaching their educational goals and potential.

FACAA’s solution was to team up with the NSW Police (other states coming soon) and go into schools and give entire year groups weekly (or single session if the schools prefer) self-defense lessons and talks on bullying. When we go in we go in with not only police officers in full uniform but also local combat sports champions and their title belts.

The police deliver the anti bullying talks which include what the kids can do about bullying, how to prevent bullying and why bullying is wrong. FACAA and our champion deliver the self-defense classes and pump the kids up by not only teaching the classes, but talking to the kids about goal setting and chasing their dreams. The final session ends with the kids being presented ceremonial belts and of course selfies with the championship belts.